Asphalt Paving

  • What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphaltic bitumen a dark, sticky substance derived from crude oil. All of these materials are mixed in Hot batch plant and either loaded into trucks for delivery or stored in silos for pick up.


  • Versatility 

Because of its strength and flexibility, asphalt can be used for driveways, parking lots, roadways . With proper maintenance and repairs pavement can last 20 years plus.

  • Minimal Down Time

Paving with hot mix cuts  project time significantly and eliminates the long curing times of concrete. As a result, traffic can resume smoothly and impact on business is minimized. Pavement is ready for traffic soon after it is compacted and cooled

  • Easy to Maintain 

Clean the parking lot,driveway at least once a year. Seal coat the asphalt every two to five years. Cracks and holes should be repaired as needed. Patching is a common asphalt repair on areas of pavement with potholes.  Unlike concrete, which needs to be removed and replaced, asphalt can be resurfaced in much less time, and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Curb Appeal

An attractive blacktop surface with “curb appeal,” adds value to your home or business and should, therefore, be looked at as an investment, not simply an expense.

  • Process Of Phoenix Asphalt Paving

Because of the complexity of the overall process, the basic structure of  paving goes as follows.

Surface must be clean and free from all dirt and debris(this does not apply to new parking lot,driveways,or roadways).

Apply asphalt binder to all asphaltic surfaces. Lay down hot asphaltic materials and compact using a vibratory roller.

Note: New pavement should be seal coated 90 days after job completion. Seal coating is NOT included with paving but it is recommended at an additional price. 


Failed blacktop is saw cut and removed.

Asphalt 2

Hot mix is placed and compacted.

Remove Asphalt

“Alligator” asphalt areas are removed and subgrade is compacted

galaxy note 2 pictures 024

Hot mix truck feeding the paving machine

galaxy note 2 pictures 035

Paving machine laying down the hot mix.

2011-04-22 12.25.59

Failed parking lot is due for an overlay

Asphalt Overlay 2

The shopping center entrance is hand finished to ensure a smooth entry