What Causes Asphalt to Crack?

July 8, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you have an asphalt lot or driveway, you’ve likely chosen the material because of its durability, adaptability and longevity. It’s true that asphalt is a great choice for pavement and makes a very durable, affordable and attractive option. However, it is possible for asphalt to crack, and with time, most asphalt will develop cracks and require you to call an asphalt contractor in Phoenix, AZ for repairs. Luckily, with the right maintenance, you can prevent and minimize cracking. Read on to learn more about why asphalt cracks and how to best care for your asphalt lot. The causes of... View Article

Why Sealcoat an Asphalt Driveway?

June 14, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

More residential driveways are employing asphalt because of its durability, longevity and cost-effectiveness. Newly laid asphalt looks smooth and even, and at first appears that it can withstand anything. While asphalt is very durable and can last a long time, it is also susceptible to damage from heavy loads, standing water and other sharp impacts that could create cracks, fissures and eventually potholes. If you want to protect your asphalt driveway and increase its longevity, it’s a good idea to hire a sealcoating service in Phoenix, AZ for occasional maintenance. In fact, there are many benefits that come with sealcoating... View Article

What Causes Potholes to Form?

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When you invest in new pavement, it looks smooth and even and flawless. After some time, cracks can form, and eventually even potholes. If your lot or driveway is in need of asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll want to contact a professional paving company to repair it. With proper maintenance, asphalt can last a long time without damage, including potholes. Learn more about how potholes form and how you can prevent their formation or repair your asphalt. The cause of potholes You’re probably familiar with potholes, whether you’ve seen them on the side of the road or unfortunately driven... View Article

Can You Stop Asphalt Cracks from Returning?

May 17, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

A new asphalt lot is smooth, flat and a pleasure to drive on. But what once was a smooth paradise for your car may now be a lot covered in cracks. Is it possible to stop cracks from returning? And if not, what do you do when cracks form to prevent them from worsening? Here is what you need to know about cracks and asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ. Made to crack Believe it or not, if your asphalt lot is cracking, it isn’t necessarily from poor maintenance or misuse. Asphalt is made to crack! By its design, asphalt needs... View Article

Asphalt Overlays vs. Removals: Which is Right for Me?

May 3, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

If your parking lot or other asphalt surface is in disrepair, you know it’s time to fix it. However, you have options for fixing your asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ. You can patch it, get an asphalt overlay or completely remove the existing asphalt and replace it. You’ll want to consider the cost and the longevity of the fix or the new asphalt and consult your contractor before proceeding. Here’s what you can expect from both processes. Asphalt overlay When the surface of your asphalt lot is deteriorating, you may want to consider an asphalt overlay. This type of repair... View Article