Things To Consider When Striping Pavement

September 30, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Pavement striping is a welcome addition to any business or parking lot. Not only does it create a more polished look, but it can also increase safety for your customers and employees. Over the years, people have been painting their parking stalls and driveways with little success. The problem is that it’s challenging to get clean, straight lines unless you’re a professional. This is where pavement striping comes in. Here are some unique aspects to consider when striping pavement. 1. Parking Lot Inspection You need to have a basic understanding of the geometry of your parking lot to stripe it correctly.... View Article

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Demolition and Removal

September 19, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Concrete is a terrific construction material that is durable, lasts a long time, and is easy to maintain. Concrete can take on virtually any shape and serve many functions. Yet, there are times when concrete structures have outlived their purpose and require demolition and removal. How hard is it to remove concrete? Many people don’t learn the answer until they attempt to do it. Removing concrete often means breaking large pieces into smaller pieces and carrying them away using a wheelbarrow. Nothing about that is easy. Removing Concrete Often Is Hard Labor If you are lucky, your concrete removal is a... View Article

Benefits of a Textured Driveway

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What is a textured driveway? This is a driveway that has been created with a textured finish. This type of finish can be achieved using various methods, such as staining, stamping, or painting. As a parking lot owner, you must ensure that your pavement looks good and functions well. What are the benefits of a textured driveway? 1. Easy To Install You might have a perception that a textured driveway is difficult to install. However, this is not the case. A textured driveway is quite easy to install. You can either Do-It-Yourself or hire a professional contractor to do the... View Article

How the Pros Stripe a Parking Lot

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What is the process of parking lot striping? There are a few steps involved in parking lot striping. If you don’t know the best steps to follow, you’ll be left with an inferior parking lot. This can easily get out of control if you’re not careful, but it’s still something that can be managed with the right guidance. Here’s how to stripe a parking lot. 1. Preparation As you’ll discover, the key to a good parking lot striping job is all in the preparation. You need to ensure that you have all the right materials and equipment before you even... View Article

Differences Between Asphalt And Concrete

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How is concrete and asphalt different? As a homeowner with a plan to enhance your driveway, you need to know the differences between concrete and asphalt. This is the only way you will come up with a clear illustration of what you need on your property. As it stands, various property owners don’t clearly understand what they need. Such individuals have made critical mistakes in improving their parking spaces. You need to understand some critical differences between asphalt and concrete.  1. Aesthetics and Design Generally, concrete is more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt. That’s because concrete can be easily customized to... View Article