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Replacing or Repairing Asphalt: How to Make the Best Decision

December 7, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Is your asphalt in need of a facelift? If your surface is looking a little worse for the wear, it might be time for asphalt repair—or it might be time to replace the surface with new asphalt paving. How can you make the best decision about your asphalt repair? Here are the FAQs with what you need to know. What is asphalt resurfacing? Asphalt resurfacing is a type of asphalt repair. Rather than dig up the entire asphalt material, technicians simply remove the top layer that is worn out and replace it with a new layer. Before asphalt resurfacing can... View Article

Asphalt Repair Timeline

October 1, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Investing in asphalt repair can make a huge difference when it comes to how a property looks, how safe it is and whether it is compliant with local regulations. However, planning asphalt repair can be a difficult process for property owners. One of the most challenging things about planning asphalt repair is that property owners often don’t know how often asphalt needs to be repaired or how long you can expect asphalt to last. The good news is that there are some general timelines that can make it easier for property owners to plan asphalt maintenance, care and repair. Let’s... View Article

How to Remove Asphalt Oil Stains

July 28, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you leave oil stains untreated, you’re liable to cause the asphalt to deteriorate further. Asphalt is made of sand and aggregates that are bound together by asphalt pavement. Oil dissolves this and results in unraveling, which may cause the asphalt pavement to become soft. That’s why it’s best to treat asphalt oil stains as quickly as possible. Leaving oil stains alone for an extended period means the oil will become saturated into the asphalt. Read on to find out about oil stain removal. Cat litter Before using any of the DIY methods described here, remember to thoroughly clean the... View Article

What Causes Asphalt Cracking?

June 28, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Nature takes its toll on asphalt. Praised for its affordability and aesthetic, asphalt nevertheless falls prey to the natural elements, as well as human error like excessive wear and poor installations. The good news is a few small cracks here and there are easily remedied with asphalt repair. Take a look at which factors deteriorate asphalt and how a sealcoating contractor can fix the damage. Heat from the sun Sunlight bears down on pavement all year long. While excessive moisture can damage asphalt, pavement needs an appropriate level of moisture in order to maintain its flexibility. Over time, heat will... View Article

Different Types of Asphalt Repair

March 31, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Over time, everything wears down. The wind, sun, rain and snow can erode even the highest mountains. It’s no wonder, then, that asphalt can become worn, cracked and broken. Let’s say that you’ve noticed potholes or long, deep cracks in your company’s parking lot. You realize you need to get the asphalt repaired, but you may be wondering, “What kind of asphalt repair do I need?” You needn’t wonder any more, and once you’ve decided which type of asphalt repair you need, you should call the paving pros in Phoenix, AZ to schedule service. Here are some of the options... View Article