Paving Services in Glendale, AZ

When you need commercial or residential paving in Glendale, AZ, the company to contact is Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. With more than 10 years of experience doing all kinds of paving, we have the knowledge and the skills to tackle whatever paving job you have in mind, and you can count on receiving excellent professional service every time. Our specialists will ensure that the job is done right the first time, and that you’ll be completely satisfied with the results.

Paving in Glendale, AZ

Whether it’s your business or your home which needs a driveway or other surface re-paved, we can provide an expert solution in the least amount of time, and at the most affordable cost. With as little downtime as possible, we can install a great-looking and highly functional asphalt surface, so that your home life or business activities can resume without suffering long and inconvenient downtimes.


We have tackled many different types of residential and commercial paving jobs in the past, and we’ve always provided our clients with the best possible paving solution. Our experts can adapt to any situation which requires their expertise, and make sure that you receive an asphalt surface that will provide excellent service for years to come.

Detailed Work Process

We follow a detailed work process that ensures no important steps are left out, and that all the important requirements of a great paving job are done exactly as they should be. That’s why we can produce such consistent results with each of our jobs, and that’s why you should choose us over any other company.

Advanced Equipment

With the most modern technology, we can install your new asphalt surface so that it looks great and performs well for a long period of time. Using the most advanced equipment in the business allows us to accomplish the work quickly, so you are inconvenienced for only a brief time, and it also allows us to achieve consistent results on every job.

  • Concrete in Glendale, Arizona

    Many homeowners and business owners love the permanence and rugged durability of a concrete paved surface, and we can provide you with exactly what you need. Because we have the know-how and the skills necessary to install all kinds of concrete surfaces, we can deliver top-notch results on every job we undertake on your behalf.

    Residential Concrete

    After a number of years, your concrete walkways or your driveway may develop some cracks, or there may have been an accident that caused a break in one section. Re-paving your surface can be done quickly and affordably by one of our teams of specialists, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have the job done promptly.

    Commercial Concrete

    Large concrete re-paving jobs are one of our specialties, and we’re always prepared for your commercial concrete paving jobs, regardless of how big the job might be. Whether it be a parking lot, a business driveway, or even an entire local street, our crews can handle whatever you might have in mind, and can guarantee outstanding results, in the shortest time frame. Your business won’t suffer excessive downtime when our crews handle your paving job.

    Detailed Pouring Process

    Because we take the time to prepare extremely well when we’re on site, that ensures the pouring process will happen exactly right every time. This kind of meticulous attention to detail is what guarantees best results on every job, and it’s what will provide you with a long-lasting concrete surface for years to come.

    Alternate Finishes

    We offer a number of alternate finishes which you may want to take advantage of. For instance, we can provide you with a speckled, textured finish, or a broom finish which will deliver better traction for vehicle traffic on your concrete surface. We can also deliver a color finish that will add life and vibrancy to your concrete surface, and which will conceal stains much better.

Coating in Glendale, AZ

Protecting your asphalt surface is a great investment, and it can prolong the service life of your asphalt significantly. Sealing will accomplish that very nicely, and Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. can deliver the best sealcoating service in the entire region. After we seal coat your asphalt surface, it will have far greater protection from the elements, and will last much longer.

Points of Interest & Activities in Glendale, AZ

When you’re anywhere in the area around Glendale, AZ, there are quite a few points of interest you may want to check out. Some of the best attractions in the area are described below.

Need Paving Services in Glendale, AZ?

Whatever kind of commercial or residential paving services you may need in Glendale, AZ, make sure to contact Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. before you talk to anyone else.

Glendale Paving FAQs

We are often asked some of the same questions, and we’ve provided the answers to them below. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be sure to provide a courteous answer.

How Much is Paving in Glendale, AZ?

The cost will depend on the size of the job, specifically whether it’s a localized residential job, or a larger commercial job for a business.

How Much is Residential Concrete in Glendale, AZ?

While the national average for a residential concrete job is somewhere around $2,750, your cost may be more or less than that, depending on the scope of work.

How Much is Commercial Concrete in Glendale, AZ?

Obviously, the scope of work involved will have a huge bearing on the final cost of your commercial project, so once you’ve explained to us what you need done, we’ll be able to provide you with a quote.

How Much is Coating in Glendale, AZ?

A ballpark figure for coating services is approximately $1.50 per square foot, but your actual cost can be more or less than that, depending on the nature of the job.