What You Need To Know About Tire Marks on New Asphalt

June 29, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Are you asking “Why do I have tire marks after being freshly paved?” Did you know that scuffing can appear on pavement and asphalt that is newly seal coated? Even though the scuff marks will slowly dissipate with time, it is still beneficial for you to know just why those scuff marks appeared in the first place. Tire Marks on New Asphalt If you are wondering what causes tire marks with new pavement, there are several reasons for this. Age of the Pavement Many times, tire scuff marks appear on fresh pavement because the material is flexible and soft. As asphalt... View Article

How Sealcoating Benefits Your Asphalt

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Asphalt sealcoating has become a welcome approach to protecting your asphalt at home. Initially, individuals had a perception that such materials could last forever. However, homeowners must incorporate sealcoating on their asphalt to give it a longer lifespan. Here are the benefits of sealcoating. 1. Protects Asphalt from Grease and Oil Oil and grease are some of the substances that can cause extensive damage to your asphalt. When a vehicle leaks oil, the oil will seep through the pores and get into the asphalt. Over time, this will break down the asphalt binder, which gives asphalt its strength. Sealcoating will... View Article

How the Arizona Sun Affects Your Concrete

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Concrete is usually considered the safest option by builders and homeowners. It has some tremendous benefits that cannot be compared with other flooring materials that people have been using in their homes. It is also an affordable option, so homeowners don’t have to struggle to achieve consistent results. However, concrete is also prone to the extreme sun in Arizona. Here’s how the Arizona sun affects your concrete and how to mitigate such challenges. 1. Excessive Evaporation The main challenge with the Arizona sun is that it causes the water in concrete to evaporate too quickly. As a result, the concrete doesn’t... View Article

The Cruel Sun’s Effects on Asphalt

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Most parking lot owners prefer asphalt surfaces for their parking lots for various beneficial reasons. However, the asphalt-surfaced parking lots are severely prone to damage due to extreme weather conditions.  For instance, the sun’s heat can significantly damage the asphalt surface if not well sealed during summer. Asphalt seal coating plays a vital role in ensuring the scorching sun’s rays do not penetrate the asphalt surface directly.   Regular seal coating applications must be carried out to adequately maintain and protect the asphalt surface. Regular seal coating should include changing the asphalt seal-coated surface every year to ensure the surface is well protected. Below are... View Article

How Asphalt Paving Has Evolved

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Asphalt services are popular to ensure you enjoy smooth, beautiful paving around your home or business. It is effective for roads, driveways, playgrounds, and so much more. Asphalt paving has evolved significantly over the years thanks to new technology as well as advanced asphalt mixes. How Sites Are Prepared In the past, sites would be prepared by first establishing the grade. A contractor would use a site glass or transit to establish the details. Now, laser guidance exists to make it easier to establish both grading and elevations. It ensures that there’s better accuracy for site drainage as well as for... View Article