How Asphalt Paving Has Evolved

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Asphalt services are popular to ensure you enjoy smooth, beautiful paving around your home or business. It is effective for roads, driveways, playgrounds, and so much more. Asphalt paving has evolved significantly over the years thanks to new technology as well as advanced asphalt mixes. How Sites Are Prepared In the past, sites would be prepared by first establishing the grade. A contractor would use a site glass or transit to establish the details. Now, laser guidance exists to make it easier to establish both grading and elevations. It ensures that there’s better accuracy for site drainage as well as for... View Article

The Difference Between Concrete Pavers and Solid Concrete

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The entrance to your home and the space around your garden can leave a lasting impression on your neighbors, guests, and all those who drive by your home. Concrete pavers and solid concrete can help enhance your outdoor space, especially if you’re looking to add or replace a patio, driveway, or walkway. You can customize them to the architectural design of your home to fit into its aesthetic perfectly. While both materials are used for exterior landscaping, they have significant differences you may want to know about before making a final decision. Here are the major differences. Appearance Pavers are... View Article

Driveway Seal Coating Considerations

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Asphalt is a preferred paving material because it’s durable, cost-effective and requires very little maintenance. In fact, one of the only required maintenance items is seal coating. Seal coating is a liquid sealant that provides protection against the elements as well as standard wear and tear your asphalt may encounter. Continue reading to learn more about driveway seal coating. Benefits of seal coating We wouldn’t specialize in seal coating if it didn’t have quite a few advantages. Here are a few of the reasons to schedule seal coating: Protection from the elements: As we touched on, seal coating is your... View Article

When Is the Best Time of Year to Pour Asphalt?

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Many homeowners are surprised when they find out that asphalt paving can’t just be performed whenever and wherever. Contractors need to be careful about when they pour asphalt, or they can risk laying pavement that’s prone to cracking or has a shorter lifespan. The best time of year to pour asphalt is typically in the fall, spring or early summer when temperatures are hot but not too hot. Continue reading to learn more about laying asphalt in different weather conditions. The minimum temperature for laying asphalt The minimum temperature for asphalt paving is 50°F. This temperature keeps the asphalt soft... View Article

Key Reasons to Use Concrete

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Choosing building materials can be a tricky process these days. Everyone wants to build something that will last forever—and do so for a low price. On top of this, there is an increased desire in the public to go green with any building project. One material that many people might not consider at first that fits all of these criteria (and more) is concrete. It’s an amazingly versatile and efficient material that makes many construction projects a snap. Read on for more about concrete benefits and how it can make your next project built to last: Endlessly recyclable: One of... View Article