Asphalt Paving in Phoenix, AZ

Well-paved asphalt looks exceptional and can bring huge appeal to your property—not to mention convenience! Whether it’s a new residential driveway or a completely paved parking lot, Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. is committed to providing Phoenix, AZ property owners with paving services of the highest caliber. We believe in thoroughness and excellence, resulting in paved surfaces that look great and stand the test of time.

Our paving abilities extend to projects of all sizes, on properties throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area. From new parking lot construction to simple sidewalks, we’re your complete asphalt paving partner.

New driveway installations

From long, sloping driveways to pipestems and private access drives, your new driveway is waiting to be paved! We pave with all the important driveway elements in mind, including slope and drainage, so your driveway looks great for years and years to come.

Sidewalk installation

Asphalt walking paths and sidewalks are easy on pedestrians and a great addition to areas where nature and civilization blend. Asphalt is a great solution to sidewalks and will hold up wonderfully to even the heaviest pedestrian traffic.

Private road paving

Whether it’s a private access roadway or a utility path that’s less-traveled, we’re available to pave private roads. We also contract with subdivision developers to ensure the roadways of new residential areas are properly paved.

Parking lot paving

Call us to pave parking lots big and small! Our experienced teams are able to work quickly and pave accordingly, so your lot has proper drainage and foundation support. Our work is evident on commercial properties throughout Phoenix, AZ that have trusted us for new parking lot construction.

We’re transparent when it comes to asphalt services

We take the time to survey your job and give you an out-the-door estimate that’s accurate and inclusive. No hidden fees. No special service charges. The price you see is what you pay for your new surface.

  • Concrete Paving vs. Asphalt Paving

    Why choose asphalt over concrete for your surface paving project? While both are great options over something like dirt or pea gravel, asphalt offers some special elements that make it well-worth the investment.

    Asphalt is quicker to install than concrete

    Asphalt is easier to maintain and resurface

    Asphalt is more cost-effective (by as much as 35%)

    Asphalt is versatile and great for all types of surfaces

    Our experts can chat with you about the scope of your project and the paving material that might be best-suited for it. Many times, the answer is asphalt, but we’ll always give you our honest, professional opinion to ensure you’re getting maximum value.

Enjoy Perfectly-Paved Asphalt

Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. is your local leader for paving in Phoenix, AZ. From residential drive ways to new parking lot construction, we’re ready to tackle your project from start to finish, leaving behind perfectly-paved asphalt when we’re done. Contact us today at 623-204-1302 to discuss your scope of work and to get a free, upfront estimate on paving.