A Spotlight on Asphalt Paving in Phoenix, AZ: Six Tips for Saving Money on Parking Lot Maintenance

September 15, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

A lack of preventative maintenance almost guarantees your new parking lot’s demise—it may even begin within a few years. If you own a large asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ, you know that cracks, fading, wear and tear and oil stains are a pain. All these problems are brought about by weather, traffic and direct sunlight. But, putting a maintenance plan in place can keep your surface looking great for years and more money in your pocket! So, do you want to lower the cost for parking lot maintenance, but don’t know what to do or where to start? Here are... View Article

Asphalt Paving in Phoenix, AZ: A Brief Look at the Process and Time it Takes

September 1, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Both business building owners and homeowners turn to asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ for their driveways, parking lots and other surfaces. Asphalt, when installed properly, can withstand harsh elements and heavy foot and vehicle traffic, but only if it’s regularly maintained and repaired. Here’s a brief look at the paving process and the time it takes to pave a surface. The time it takes to pave If your asphalt surfaces are not smooth and crack-free, instead filled with potholes, stains and other damage, it’s time to fill and repave. Damaged pavement is unsafe for walking on and can harm vehicles.... View Article