A Spotlight on Asphalt Paving in Phoenix, AZ: Six Tips for Saving Money on Parking Lot Maintenance

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A lack of preventative maintenance almost guarantees your new parking lot’s demise—it may even begin within a few years. If you own a large asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ, you know that cracks, fading, wear and tear and oil stains are a pain. All these problems are brought about by weather, traffic and direct sunlight. But, putting a maintenance plan in place can keep your surface looking great for years and more money in your pocket!

So, do you want to lower the cost for parking lot maintenance, but don’t know what to do or where to start? Here are six tips for saving money on parking lot care and maintenance:

  1. Proper drainage: Standing water is messy, annoying and often hazardous to anyone using your parking lot. Excessive water also takes a toll on asphalt; that is, weakening, cracking the pavement and reducing its lifespan. Because of these issues, you most definitely want to ensure your parking lot has proper drainage. Unclog drains after rain storms, or consult a pavement expert for drainage solutions.
  2. Regular cleanings: Dirt, dust and other debris are constantly landing on the surface of your parking lot. Over time, debris builds up, then turns into stubborn grime. Grime gets into cracks in the asphalt which accelerates the deterioration of the pavement from the inside out. Cleaning your parking lot on a regular basis not only keeps the surface and your property looking great, it can also prevent costly maintenance needs in the future. Using blowers or sweeping equipment is a good plan, but create a regular cleaning schedule to ensure it actually gets done.
  3. Check for oil: Without fail, your parking lot will get oil stains. If oil stains are not removed quickly, the asphalt can become very soft, making it susceptible to wear during heavy rain or wind storms. In short, cleaning oil from your asphalt surface helps it last longer and saves you money on maintenance down the road.
  4. Use eco-friendly marking paint: Keep in mind that standard parking lot paint releases high levels of VOC emissions into the air. For this reason, consider the type of marking paint you use for parking spaces, curbs, shopping carts returns, crosswalks, etc. Consult an expert about eco-friendly paint options.
  5. Look for and repair cracks: Many parking lot cracks appear out of nowhere, others that were once small grow into large openings. Cracks let in rain water and grime which contributes to more significant problems later. Avoiding costly maintenance needs is not too difficult. Inspect the surface for cracks and make repairs immediately. Patch cracks that are three inches wide; use an appropriate adhesive on smaller cracks; bring in a pro to inspect widespread cracks.
  6. Apply sealcoating: The professionals recommend sealcoating parking lots every three to five years, depending on the weather and how you use the surface. Proper sealcoating slows the aging process. It also protects against the elements, excessive erosion, deterioration, oxidation, cracks and holes.

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