Asphalt vs. Concrete: Factors to Consider Before Calling a Paving Company in Phoenix, AZ

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As a homeowner or the owner of a commercial site, property improvements and additions have probably crossed your mind at some point—and some of these require pouring a concrete surface or putting down asphalt. These types of changes are big commitments and aren’t cheap, which is why planning is key. If you are planning a new paving project, there’s an important question you should ask yourself: “Which is the best choice: asphalt or concrete?”

Here are a few factors about asphalt and concrete to consider before calling a paving company in Phoenix, AZ.

Climate of project location

The climate in the area where your project is located is the first thing you need to consider. For example, colder climates that experience harsh winters will fare better using asphalt for surfaces like parking lots, driveways and roadways. Prone to frost and freezing over, concrete will expand and contract, causing weak spots and damage. The cold does not affect asphalt, but it does absorb more heat from the sun.

That being said, concrete tends to be a better material in warmer climates. While asphalt softens and becomes oily in extreme heat, concrete does not. Keep in mind that asphalt pavement has the ability to become incredibly hot in scorching summer temperatures.

Environmental impact of materials

Asphalt paving material is considered a relatively green technology because it can be recycled, making it environmentally friendly. Old materials are ground up and reused in other paving projects, but unfortunately, concrete gets hauled away to be disposed of properly in an approved facility.

Installation and maintenance

Compared to concrete, asphalt is an easier material to work with during the installation process; it’s installed more quickly and the surface can be used sooner. Both materials are easy to maintain, although you can reseal asphalt to prevent damage, while damaged concrete typically needs replacing.

Asphalt vs. concrete: An overview of the top points for each

When it comes to hard surface applications, asphalt and concrete are most likely going to be your two options. But which should you choose? Consider your findings and the recommendation of a professional paving company before making your final decision. Let’s do a quick review of these two types of paving materials:

  • Concrete: Although concrete can crack in warmer climates, a properly installed concrete surface is likely to last longer that other paving options. Concrete generally does not require much regular maintenance, but cleaning it seasonally is not a bad idea.

  • Asphalt: Asphalt doesn’t have to have that traditional “asphalt look.” It can be tinted just right to look similar to concrete, which is great for some types of paving projects. Yearly resurfacing needs and maintenance requirements are minimal, though you should always watch for signs of damage.

For help choosing asphalt or concrete for your next paving project, or to schedule a service, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. We are an experienced paving company in Phoenix, AZ dedicated to serving our customers’ paving needs from start to finish!

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