Top Five Reasons Your Pavement Fails and Needs Asphalt Repair in Phoenix, AZ

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Asphalt maintenance is essential to keep your pavement safe and smooth. Of course, you want to keep the repairs to a minimum, for convenience and cost factors. However, pavement often fails, requiring extensive asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Why does this happen? Typically, your pavement suffers from one of the following conditions.

1. Poor Soil

You can install the highest quality asphalt, but if it is laid over poor soil, it can still fail. Often, the soil has structural issues that cause the asphalt that is laid over it to fail. These issues are often caused by a high water table. This erodes the soil beneath the asphalt, removing the pavement’s support and resulting in failure. To avoid this issue, install proper drains to keep the soil from staying too moist and washing away.

2. Poor Sub-Structures

Have you ever experienced a sudden hole in the ground? Your asphalt may be fine one day, then fail the next. Many assume this sudden appearance of a void is due to a sinkhole. However, this is typically not the problem. Usually, the hole is caused by a pipe failure beneath the asphalt. A sewage or storm water pipe breaks, and water leaks out, which erodes the soil. Eventually, enough soil erodes that the pavement has no support, and a hole forms.

3. Poor Construction

For asphalt to last, it must be installed properly. If the original design and fabrication of the pavement was poor, this will lead to asphalt repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Avoid cutting corners or hiring inexperienced paving professionals to complete your asphalt work. It’s essential to use the right materials and proper installation methods for your setting and asphalt use. Shoddy work only leads to extra costs down the line.

4. Poor Drainage

As noted in the previous items, drainage is an important factor when you consider asphalt construction and asphalt repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Proper drainage extends the life of your asphalt. Poor drainage shortens it. If water flow isn’t directed well, it will inevitably cause problems with the pavement. Edge cracks in the pavement are one common pavement failure due to poor drainage conditions.

5. Poor Penetration

Another primary cause of asphalt failure is the penetration of water. While water from below can cause damage (as discussed above), water from above can also cause pavement failure. If the surface cracks, this exposes the under coatings and allows water to enter the base of the pavement. As the water pools here, it results in further deterioration. Eventually, the pavement must undergo asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Strong Solutions

If your pavement is suffering from poor conditions, contact the experts at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. for strong solutions. We offer industry-leading expertise to repair or replace your asphalt to like-new conditions. Whether you have minor cracks or need major asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ, we are your go-to professionals. Contact us today with any questions about your asphalt needs or to schedule service. We look forward to partnering with you to meet all your pavement needs.

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