Phoenix Summers Mean Hot Asphalt!

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Summer is almost here! That means the kids will be out of school and daytime temperatures will be in the triple digits—and scorching summer temperatures bring incredibly hot asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ. Black asphalt absorbs all of the sun’s heat, making it one of the hottest surfaces around. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about hot asphalt during the summer.

Why is asphalt so hot?

Dark colors absorb more of the sun’s energy than light colored things, so it makes sense that black asphalt would absorb the most heat out of anything in town. The problem with the material is that the heat doesn’t have anywhere to go once it’s been absorbed! It just sits there, getting hotter and hotter as the day goes on. In fact, the temperature on asphalt can be at least 40 degrees warmer than the air temperature. Imagine how hot that’ll be in a few months when the air temperature is 100 degrees during the coolest part of the day!

Stay safe

In order to make it through the next few months, it’s important that you always wear shoes while walking on the road. The last thing you want is to burn your feet while walking across a parking lot or down your driveway. Make sure your kids know how hot it will be, too. If possible, keep them from playing on any sort of asphalt surface. If they happen to fall down while playing (as kids tend to do), they’re sure to burn their skin and need medical attention. Skin can receive second-degree burns at 131 degrees, which is just as hot as asphalt can get during the summer.

Keep your pets off asphalt

If you own a dog that needs to be walked, make sure you stay off the asphalt! You wouldn’t want to be on the blacktop without shoes on, and Fido feels the same way. Asphalt can really damage your dog’s paws if he walks on it for too long. Walk your dogs on the side of the road, where it won’t be as hot. If possible, stay on the grass, or at least on the slightly cooler cement sidewalk.

Phoenix Summers Mean Hot Asphalt - Keep You Pets Off Asphalt

Summer means asphalt projects

As an asphalt company, we’re going to be out in the hot sun working on many roads, driveways and parking lots this summer. Even though it’ll be incredibly hot outside, the next few months have the perfect temperatures for our work. Asphalt needs to remain at a constant temperature throughout the day if you want it to set correctly—that’s why summer is ideal for paving. Rest assured, you’ll see us out working throughout the day. Now is the time to call us if your driveway or parking lot needs to be resurfaced!

Remember, always wear shoes while walking on asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ, and keep your kids off the pavement. These next few months will be hot ones, and the last thing you need is anyone getting hurt because they’re barefoot on pavement. Get in touch with Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. today for more tips.

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