Why Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Paving

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Summer is the perfect season for taking a dip in the pool and hosting backyard barbecues. But did you know it is also the best time to pave an asphalt driveway or parking lot? Summertime offers the perfect conditions for refreshing the parking lot of your business. The warm weather, extended hours of sunlight and high overnight temperatures create the best possible environment for the asphalt to cure quickly. Because of this, May, June, July and August make up the busiest season for asphalt paving contractors in Phoenix, AZ. Many of the best companies will be booked solid for the four-month stretch, so it’s important to schedule services as soon as possible to claim your place in the peak season.

Here are just a few of the factors that make summer the perfect season for hiring asphalt paving contractors in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. to learn more about how we can serve you:

  • Hot and sunny: While you may not enjoy the heat, the warm temperatures are optimal for asphalt paving. The pavement sealer best cures with the help of the warm and sunny conditions common during the summer. The clouds, snow and rain of winter and autumn will slow down the cure time exponentially.
  • Longer workday: The extended daylight hours give contractors more time to get the job done. This means the entire project will be completed in fewer workdays, which reduces the inconvenience to you and your customers.
  • Overnight temperatures: The overnight temperatures never slip below 70 degrees during the summer in Phoenix. Because of this, the asphalt can continue to cure throughout the night so it will be ready to go by morning. This is ideal for anyone who needs to minimize the amount of downtime.
  • Cost effective: The longer days make it easier for asphalt paving contractors to group multiple jobs into one day. The savings are actually passed directly onto the customer. The high volume of work means you get the best price during the summer season. After September 1, contractors will likely be much firmer on prices, as they will need the regular income during the slow season.
  • Warranty: The dreary conditions and limited sunlight found during the winter make it more challenging for the asphalt pavement to sufficiently cure quickly. Because of this, many paving contractors won’t be able to offer a full warranty for the work. Having the area paved during the winter ensures the work will be under warranty for a minimum of one year.

Summer is prime time for asphalt paving, so it’s important to schedule your service as soon as possible to get an appointment on the schedule and secure the best prices from the top contractors, like Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. Call us today for your free estimate. Our family-owned and operated business provides the top asphalt paving, concrete services and seal coating in the Phoenix area. Call us today to learn more—we look forward to helping you get your project completed this summer!

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