The Dangers of Potholes in Your Commercial Parking Lot

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Asphalt offers a ton of advantages over other paving materials like concrete. It doesn’t take long to install, it’s durable and it looks great for years and years. Asphalt does have one big downside, though: potholes. Over time, moisture seeps into asphalt through tiny cracks. These cracks grow wider and wider, and eventually become full-blown potholes that can damage your tires and even be a tripping hazard.

The bad news is that potholes are inevitable. The good news is that we can get rid of all of your potholes with asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ. Continue reading to learn more about why potholes are bad for your business and what we can do to fix them:

  • Potholes look bad: This one isn’t really a danger, so to speak. However, no business owner wants a shoddy-looking parking lot. An asphalt parking lot that’s riddled with potholes reflects poorly on your business, and can even repel customers. Be sure to give us a call if your parking lot hasn’t been repaved in a while. We’ll work quickly to return your parking lot to its original glory with a fresh new layer of asphalt.
  • Potholes might hurt your business: We touched on this one above, but potholes can really hurt your business. Think about it—are customers likely to stop by your store if they have to drive through a parking lot full of potholes that could damage their vehicles? Maybe not! Instead of losing customers, call us to repair your parking lot. We can fix or totally repave parking lots of all sizes. There’s no job too big or too small for us to take on!
  • Potholes damage cars: You know how jarring driving over a pothole can be. Even the smallest potholes can puncture tires, damage suspension systems and make for an uncomfortable ride. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that someone could sue you over a pothole that damages their car. Granted, the plaintiff might not win the case, but who wants to go through the whole legal process? Instead of lawyering up, call us to fix the potholes in your parking lot!
  • Potholes are a tripping hazard: Potholes aren’t just a problem for people driving through your parking lot—they’re an issue for anyone walking across it, too. It’s all too easy for someone not paying attention to step on a pothole, trip and injure themselves. Obviously, you don’t want to deal with anyone who gets hurt on your property. Instead of paying their medical bills, pay us to repair your parking lot!

Is your parking lot nice and flat, or is it riddled with potholes and other large cracks? If the answer is the latter, it’s time to pick up the phone and call Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. for asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ. Our team of experts can either patch up your potholes individually or repave your parking lot in about a day. Be sure to call soon—summer is the best time to pave parking lots, and our schedule is filling up fast!

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