Asphalt Is an Ideal Solution for a Noisy Road

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Living near a busy road can make it easier for you to commute to work or access local services and attractions, but it can also contribute to a noise problem in your area. In order to combat excessive traffic noise, many homeowners and business owners choose to build barrier walls that are designed to block sound waves. Unfortunately, these walls aren’t always the most effective way to reduce noise. If there is an opening in the wall, noise will still be able to get through. In order to prevent excessive road noise more effectively, it’s important to consider the benefits of asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ.

Asphalt and noise reduction

To understand how asphalt reduces noise, you have to understand where road noise comes from in the first place. In addition to the sound generated by car engines running, there is a lot of noise created when car tires move along the road. This noise is actually caused by air that gets trapped between car tires and the surface of the road. This phenomenon is similar to what happens when you clap your hands together. As your palms come into contact rapidly, air gets trapped and forced out under pressure, creating sound waves. However, if you clap your open fingers together, the sound that is produced is minimal. That’s because the air has more space to escape and isn’t under as much pressure.

The key to reducing road noise is to provide more space for air to escape from underneath car tires. Asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ is ideal for this purpose, since it has a porous surface with plenty of pathways that air can escape from. When asphalt is used on busy roads, it can reduce noise by as many as seven decibels. For context, a noise reduction of just three decibels is equivalent to moving twice as far away from a noise source. This is a huge difference for residents and businesses located near busy roads and intersections.

You might not be able to personally decide which kind of pavement is used on municipal roads, but you can reduce noise around your home or business by investing in noise-reducing asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ. Paving your driveway, private road or parking lot with asphalt is an effective way to lower the level of noise produced by traffic. In addition, asphalt pavement can improve the appearance of your space and last for decades.

Learn more about asphalt paving in Phoenix, AZ

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