Can You Stop Asphalt Cracks from Returning?

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A new asphalt lot is smooth, flat and a pleasure to drive on. But what once was a smooth paradise for your car may now be a lot covered in cracks.

Is it possible to stop cracks from returning? And if not, what do you do when cracks form to prevent them from worsening? Here is what you need to know about cracks and asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ.

Made to crack

Believe it or not, if your asphalt lot is cracking, it isn’t necessarily from poor maintenance or misuse. Asphalt is made to crack! By its design, asphalt needs to be pliable and able to shift with the ground. Over the years, the result is cracks, no matter how well you take care of your lot.

However, if your asphalt is experiencing more wear and tear faster than you expected, you may have more issues than you’re aware of. With proper maintenance, asphalt should last 15 to 20 years.

  • Freeze/thaw cycles: If you live in a climate with a lot of snow and ice, water can seep into the porous surface after it melts. When it freezes again, the moisture will expand and crack your lot. Unfortunately, rock salt only makes the issue worse. Try mixing calcium chloride and sand to lessen the damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycles. It’s also recommended to reseal your asphalt periodically to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.
  • Heavy loads: If vehicles and other heavy loads carrying more than 10,000 pounds are frequently passing through your lot, they can exacerbate scars and cracking. Try to limit excessive weight on your lot.
  • Improper foundation: If you’re experiencing a lot of cracking much earlier than the lifespan of the asphalt lot, you may need more than asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ. An improperly laid foundation could actually be the culprit.
  • Tree roots: Tree root growth expanding underneath the lot could also be causing the issues in the subgrade. Pressure exerted by the roots will eventually crack the surface. You can address this issue with better reinforcement and thicker subgrades, as well as installing a tree-root barrier along the side susceptible to tree growth.
  • Sharp objects: If sharp objects such as studded winter tires, snow blower blades, snow shovels or other sharp objects are coming into contact with the asphalt, they can tear small chunks of material out and cause cracks and other damage. It’s best to use plastic shovels or other, softer materials to preserve your lot.

The best way to care for your lot is through proper maintenance and avoiding these risk factors. You can also periodically seal your asphalt lot and repair any cracks that appear before they travel deeper through the surface and into the subgrade.

If you’re in need of asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ, contact Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. We are known for working extensively with our clients and delivering high-quality and satisfactory asphalt paving solutions. We stand by our work and involve our clients throughout the entirety of the paving process. Call us today for a consultation.


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