What Causes Potholes to Form?

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When you invest in new pavement, it looks smooth and even and flawless. After some time, cracks can form, and eventually even potholes. If your lot or driveway is in need of asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll want to contact a professional paving company to repair it. With proper maintenance, asphalt can last a long time without damage, including potholes. Learn more about how potholes form and how you can prevent their formation or repair your asphalt.

The cause of potholes

You’re probably familiar with potholes, whether you’ve seen them on the side of the road or unfortunately driven over one and suffered vehicle damage. Potholes form due to long-term use of asphalt roads that aren’t properly lain or that have been damaged. Damage can result from heavy loads that cause base failure. Also, if there are not proper drainage systems in place, the standing water can weaken the subgrade of the base, making it more likely for potholes to develop in the future.

Poor-quality asphalt can also be at fault. It’s possible that the asphalt was too thin when installed, but poor-quality asphalt resulting from segregation in the asphalt, poor compaction or burnt asphalt could also be to blame.

Repairing damaged asphalt

If your road or lot is suffering from potholes and other damage, you may consider investing in asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ. Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc is the most reliable asphalt paving contractor in Phoenix, AZ. Our team will provide you with sensible, affordable repaving solutions for your personal or commercial lot or driveway. We can pave your asphalt with the best quality material to minimize damage and increase longevity. Plus, we can handle asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ through patching the surface or removing and replacing the entire surface.

Surface patching is perfect for lots that are primarily in good repair, with a few exceptions. If the surface is in relatively good condition, a patch can be applied by layering new asphalt over the existing surface. The new asphalt is then feathered to match the in-place grade. A rebate can also be milled into the surface instead of feathering. For asphalt that is largely in disrepair or has many structural issues, we recommend removing and replacing it completely. This involves removing the entire layer of pavement surface down to the stone base. The stone is then re-compacted and a tack coat is applied to the asphalt that remains. Then, the new asphalt is placed on the repair area.

Sunstar Seal Coating Inc. has been handling asphalt repair in Phoenix, AZ for more than a decade. Our team is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We offer a number of asphalt paving solutions, including paving and repaving for personal and commercial properties, sealcoating to protect your asphalt lot or driveway and concrete surface installation, including driveways and walkways. We are known for our dependable and prompt surface and provide clear and upfront pricing quotes, so there are never any surprises. Call today for an estimate on your job!

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