How to Improve the Look of Your Parking Lot

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Asphalt and concrete damage in Phoenix, AZ can be unsightly. Cracks, pitting, oil stains and other damage to a parking lot can reflect poorly on a business—especially if the company offers professional services or gets a regular stream of customers on a daily basis. Make sure your parking lot is always presentable by doing the following:

  • Keep it clean: Just as you clean your house regularly, you need to do the same for your business’ parking lot. After all, the parking lot is typically the first thing visitors and potential customers see. Sweeping, picking up trash and blowing away leaves also protects your asphalt surface from damage and premature wear. Any dirt or debris left lying around can impede drainage, which can lead to standing water that results in asphalt damage.
  • Install good lighting: Nobody enjoys walking through a dark parking lot at night. It can be scary and even dangerous for your customers to walk or drive through your parking lot with inadequate lighting to guide the way—not just danger from criminals, but tripping, falling and having a difficult time finding their vehicles, as well. When considering a new lighting system, make sure it’s able to illuminate your entire parking lot so people feel safe.
  • Inspect cracks: A cracked parking lot in Phoenix, AZ can reflect poorly on a business. Minor cracks make a surface look sad, while major cracks move closer to transforming into potholes—and potholes are notorious for causing damage to customers’ vehicles. But you don’t have to sound the alarm for minor cracks in your parking lot that are under ½ inch wide. Simply keep an eye on them, and consider making repairs or resealing a parking lot if cracks are made worse by inclement weather and heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Clean away vehicle fluid stains: By now you know that standing water can negatively affect pavement. Perhaps even more catastrophic to pavement are oil and other vehicle fluids. Motor oil in your parking lot can break down the surface and cause damage to it and the layers beneath. To avoid this, regularly inspect your parking lot for oil stains and remove them as quickly as possible. There are many DIY cleaning tutorials on the internet, or you can hire an asphalt cleaning professional to handle the job.
  • Sealcoat it: The average timeframe to reseal an asphalt parking lot is every one to three years, depending on the amount of traffic the lot gets. Sealcoating is the best way to fill in cracks and protect the surface from the elements, while also improving its appearance.
  • Repaint it: Like parking lot sealant, directional arrows and the painted lines that indicate individual parking spots, handicap parking, fire lanes and more will need to be redone after a while. Fresh lines make the area safer and will impress your visitors. So, if your parking lot lines are starting to fade to nothing, look into having them repainted.

If your parking lot is showing wear, or you’re dealing with obvious asphalt or concrete damage in Phoenix, AZ, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. to schedule a service appointment.

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