Enhance the Look of Your House by Changing Your Driveway

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Summer isn’t over yet, which means there is still time to get in some last-minute home improvement projects. One thing you can do to instantly boost the curb appeal of your home is invest in enhancing your driveway. For example, a textured driveway in Phoenix, AZ can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value, as well as add character and interest to the exterior of your home. Read on to learn more about some unexpected driveway design options that you may not have known existed:

  • Texture: A textured driveway in Phoenix, AZ can add some pizzazz to your concrete. The textured decorative flourish will look unique and interesting while still remaining relatively low cost. A texture called the broom finish creates a pattern of fine lines on the surface, providing a contrasting texture for a dramatic flair. You can also ask your contractor what other designs they can add, such as swirled designs made with hand trowels or adding an exposed aggregate finish. This look is performed by removing the top layer of new concrete, exposing the aggregate layer underneath.
  • Stains: If you like the smooth finish of fresh concrete, you may be interested in adding a stain. A stain can be added to complement the colors and architecture of your home, creating a seamless entry into your front yard. For instance, try rich, warm earth tones to complement natural stone homes, such as farmhouse or country-style architecture and colors. Or, for more modern or industrial looks, shades of gray make a great addition.
  • Stamping: For another unique take on the textured driveway in Phoenix, AZ, try stamping. The stamping process involves imprinting fresh concrete with a pattern, which can be made to look like stone, brick or other natural building materials. There are a multitude of pattern options that you can customize to get exactly the look you want. Try combining the stamping technique with staining for a truly unique and complete look. You can also add a contrasting decorative boarder as a final touch.
  • Engraving: If you already have a driveway that’s in great condition, you don’t necessarily have to remove it and lay a fresh layer of concrete to get the look you desire. There’s an option called engraving that utilizes special tools to cut patterns and designs into existing concrete without breaking it. This can then be enhanced with a stain, as well, for an even more interesting and complete look. You can also add a concrete overlay, which will add about three quarters of an inch of thickness and can also be stamped and stained.

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