Winter Can Take a Toll on Concrete

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Winter weather can be tough on your concrete. If your paved surface has been damaged by unsightly concrete cracks in Phoenix, AZ, you might wonder how they occurred and what can be done to prevent them. Cold, snow, ice and other extreme weather conditions can put your pavement at risk of cracking during the freeze-thaw cycle. This is especially true if your pavement gets a lot of traffic or is frequented by heavy machinery. Even small cracks can spread, becoming significantly larger by springtime. The bigger the cracks, the more unsafe the pavement is, and the more expensive it will be to repair.

Short of controlling the weather, what can you do? Here are some tips:

  • Use a protective coating: There are many concrete coatings and sealants out there that are designed to dry fast while adding a layer of protection to your concrete. If your concrete already has small cracks, it will fill them and help keep them from getting bigger. If your pavement is new, it will simply add a protective coating that helps combat the freeze-thaw cycle. No matter the state of your pavement, this is a great solution to prevent issues or keep them from worsening.
  • Resurface your concrete: After you’ve had the cracks in your concrete filled, you may want to resurface the concrete. This is not only a nice aesthetic choice, as it will make your pavement look brand-new once more, but it also adds another layer of protection against cracks and damage.
  • Redo your decorative concrete color: Decorative concrete colors are all the rage these days, which is why a semi-transparent glaze can really enhance the look of your concrete. You can add layers to deepen the color, or use it as a decorative overlay. Because you need to seal it, it also helps provide protection from cold weather damage. These coatings should be applied about once every two years, depending on how much foot or vehicle traffic you get. Typically, the temperature should be around 50 to 90 degrees for best results, so you should act fast before the winter weather really sets in.
  • Renew your concrete’s solid color: If semi-transparent isn’t your first choice, you can use concrete paint to improve and protect your pavement. There are special acrylic paints used for this purpose. The paint penetrates into the concrete and dries with a glossy finish. This is ideal as a water-repellent, which is helpful for combating the effects of Phoenix’s freeze-thaw weather patterns in the winter.

Depending on the aesthetic effect you’re looking for, Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. has a solution for your pavement.

Prevent and fix concrete cracks in Phoenix, AZ

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