Five Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Residential Demolition Services

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There may come a time when you need to remove and dispose of an old concrete surface or other building materials. Your first thought might go to DIY, but here’s the thing. Even though you might have the drive to do your own demolition project, you must be realistic about the fact that you probably don’t know the proper techniques or have the knowledge to do it correctly. Applying for demolition and building permits, arranging to have old materials hauled off and understanding the rules and regulations of demolition work are all things professionals bring to the table.

Below are five reasons why you should hire a professional crew for residential demolition in Phoenix, AZ instead of attempting it yourself:

  • Compliance with regulations: The regulations associated with construction and demolition can be complex, but reputable demolition companies are in the know. They have the proper licensing, training and experience under their belts to ensure your project moves forward in compliance with all local and federal regulations. This compliance is of particular importance if your residential demolition project involves certain materials or affects wildlife, as failure to comply can lead to fines. Professionals can apply for necessary permits and keep your project honest.
  • Right equipment for the job: Demolition work requires specialized tools, not handheld tools like manual screwdrivers and sledgehammers. Professional demolition teams bring in the heavy equipment, like bulldozers, to take down whole buildings from roof to foundation and demolish concrete surfaces in fewer, more efficient blows. Professional demolition methods are faster and more effective, and their specialized equipment makes your teardown more efficient and complete.
  • Ensure safety: As with any sizable home remodeling project, demolition has a host of safety risks. The possibility of injury is much higher for the inexperienced homeowner than for experienced demolition crews, which is why it’s best to leave residential demolition to the pros. A reputable demo team that practices industry safety standards will give you peace of mind and not create hazardous conditions.
  • Avoid environmental and health hazards: Complying with basic demolition regulations is one thing, but it’s another to protect yourself, your family, your property and the local area from health and environmental hazards found on construction sites. Inexperienced individuals are not familiar with handling difficult materials like demolition crews are. They know how to avoid these types of hazards and others—including groundwater contamination and excess emissions—from start to finish.
  • Takes less time: Saving time is the biggest benefit of hiring a professional demolition crew rather than doing it yourself. Their training allows them to come in, do the job, complete the demolition and clean up in days rather than weeks, even when challenges arise. This faster process also means you can begin building your new structure or installing new paved surfaces sooner, while saving time and money.

The team at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. makes residential demolition in Phoenix, AZ easier to understand for property owners. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule a demolition service!

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