Repair and Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Parking Lot

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Owning a commercial property comes with a lot of responsibilities—including keeping up with parking lot care and maintenance and repairs, all of which require money, time and a keen eye for details.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a difference between maintenance and repairs. Commercial parking lot repair in Phoenix, AZ restores the surface to near original condition (for example, fixing a pothole or dealing with raised areas in the asphalt). As a commercial property, your parking lot must be free of any hazards that could create a liability or cause damage to vehicles.

Parking lot maintenance is scheduled work that preserves appearance, prevents further damages and extends the lifespan of the paved surface. Typical lot maintenance includes sealcoating, striping, crack filling and sweeping.

Below are some of our best repair and maintenance tips to help you extend the life of your commercial parking lot:

  • Sealcoat the asphalt surface: You don’t want to skip sealcoating your business’ asphalt parking lot. A good sealcoat every other year protects the asphalt materials from the elements—UV rays, rain, ice and more—and maintains a like-new sleek black appearance. When it’s time to reseal your parking lot, choose a warm week with no rain in the forecast. Low humidity, high temperatures and no moisture is the best combination of conditions for a sealcoating application.
  • Fix drainage problems: Your parking lot should have been graded before it was installed to ensure proper drainage. However, over time, your parking lot will slowly shift, leading to standing water that can ruin asphalt lots and tack on extra maintenance and repair costs. Any water that ends up in a parking lot with a drainage issue will seep into the asphalt and do damage to the base, as well as create potholes, cracks and ripples of various sizes and depths.
  • Fill cracks: Cracks in parking lots are inevitable. As such, it’s important to seal or fill in cracks promptly. The reality is that small cracks will only get bigger, and cracks of all sizes will allow water to seep down to the base of the parking lot, which leads to more damage and more expensive repair needs. Seal cracks to extend the life of your commercial parking lot.
  • Clean often: Regularly scheduled parking lot cleaning will improve the look of your lot. Sweeping removes dirt, dust, leaves and other natural debris, while pressure washing benefits the longevity of your parking lot. After a good cleaning, it will be easier to identify any drainage issues or damage that needs to be taking care of.
  • Manage heavy traffic: Even though parking lots are meant to be driven on, heavy commercial vehicles can cause damage to asphalt. A good idea to help manage the weight on your lot is to place features like dumpsters and loading docks in areas that heavy vehicles can reach without having to use a parking lot meant for cars.

Commercial parking lot repair in Phoenix, AZ can help to preserve your asphalt surface for the long term. Contact the team at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. to learn more!

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