How Hot Is Too Hot to Pour Asphalt?

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Whether you’re a business owner overseeing the condition of a sprawling parking lot, or you’re a homeowner charged with keeping your driveway smooth, you no doubt understand the importance of a clean stretch of asphalt. Cracked, breaking asphalt is more than just an eyesore—it lowers your property value, deters visitors and can lead to long-term drainage issues on your property. If your parking lot, driveway or local street is beginning to look more the worse for wear, it’s time to think about having a new layer of paving material put down.

Laying down asphalt means more than just picking your spot and getting to work. For your asphalt to perform the way you need it to, you have to lay down your new parking lot or driveway in the right conditions. For example, did you know there is a right and wrong temperature to pour asphalt in Phoenix, AZ?

Want to know more? We’ve got you covered!

Why does temperature matter?

Let’s start with a very basic overview of the asphalt laying process. Your contractor will begin with one of a variety of aggregate materials. From there, the asphalt is heated to a malleable state and slowly spread across the designated space. When it cools down, and cars start driving on top of it, asphalt seems sturdy. However, when it’s first being laid down, asphalt can be somewhat vulnerable to the elements.

If it’s too cold outside, the asphalt may not bind properly. The result is asphalt that cracks earlier than it should. When it’s too hot, asphalt has trouble cooling to the proper state—it can melt, form small divots and simply not get hard enough to use. As a result, the ambient temperature to pour asphalt in Phoenix, AZ plays a critical role in its ultimate success.

By the numbers

For the most part, talented contractors can lay asphalt in a window between 50 and 90 degrees. There may be some wiggle room on the highs and lows, but that 40-degree window is your best bet for a successful asphalt project.

If you require a new coat of asphalt, the smartest choice you can make is to enlist the help of a local asphalt contractor. A veteran paver will have the knowledge to lay your asphalt in almost any condition. They should also have a keen understanding of when not to lay down asphalt.

Trust the experts

When you work with Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc., we’ll worry about the best asphalt pouring temperature in Phoenix, AZ so you don’t have to. We have over a decade of experience providing commercial and residential customers with the best asphalt services. We can repave your parking lot, fill potholes, repair cracks and so much more!

We’re a family owned and operated business with a reputation for excellence throughout the extended region, from Glendale to Phoenix and beyond. You deserve a great stretch of asphalt, and Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. can give it to you. Pick up the phone and call today to schedule a consultation.

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