There Are Marks on My New Seal Coating!

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Seal coating is a very important aspect of routine maintenance for asphalt surfaces. Unfortunately, lots of property owners discover tire marks on their seal coating in Phoenix, AZ after getting seal coating service—and that can be concerning. If you’ve realized that your asphalt has marks on it after seal coating, don’t panic. Instead, make sure you know more about why these marks happen and what to do to resolve the problem and get your asphalt looking great in no time.

Why does seal coating develop marks?

Before you panic after discovering tire marks on your seal coating in Phoenix, AZ, consider why those marks might be there. Seal coating is made of a combination of solid and liquid ingredients that are combined together to create a strong surface to protect your asphalt from damage from weather, traffic and other external conditions. As asphalt seal coating dries and cures, it’s natural for some of those solids to crumble off and come loose on top of the asphalt. This leaves a layer of black sand-like aggregate on top of the asphalt that will naturally fade away within a few weeks of seal coating application.

Tire marks on new seal coating in Phoenix, AZ can happen when tires pick up and redistribute this black, sandy aggregate from your new layer of seal coating. The good news is that tire marks after seal coating are usually temporary and will fade away within just a couple of weeks. While it might take longer for tire marks to fade during the summertime, most tire marks will fade away in a matter of months. Over time, weather and traffic will blend these tire marks in with the rest of your asphalt, and you’ll be left with a smooth, appealing asphalt surface.

What to do if tire marks don’t fade

If you’ve been waiting for months, but the tire marks on your seal coating in Phoenix, AZ still won’t go away, you might need a touch-up. If someone drives on an asphalt surface right after seal coating is applied, there’s a chance that the tires will leave an impression in the surface of the asphalt. The good news is that you don’t need to redo the surface of your asphalt entirely. In fact, a simple touch-up from an asphalt technician is usually enough to get the pavement looking like new again and get rid of any visible tire marks in the seal coating layer.

Fixing tire marks on seal coating in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re concerned about the appearance, functionality or durability of your asphalt pavement, reach out to Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. Our team has the expertise necessary to thoroughly inspect your asphalt to determine whether it needs to be resealed, repaired or replaced. With experience providing everything from simple touch-ups to demolition and asphalt installation, our team has the skills necessary to assist with a variety of projects. Give us a call today to request a consultation and find out more about all the services we provide.

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