How Long Should I Wait to Drive or Park on a Seal Coated Surface?

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Fresh seal coating makes asphalt look smooth, sleek and appealing, so you might be concerned that driving or parking on your newly-sealed pavement might cause damage. While most people know that it’s best not to park on fresh seal coating in Phoenix, AZ right after it’s been applied, there is some confusion about when it’s safe to drive or park on seal coating. Thankfully, there are some guidelines to help you make sure your seal coating has a chance to dry and cure properly to stay in the best condition possible.

Why is seal coating so important?

Before explaining how to care for your seal coating in the days after its application, it’s useful to get some more information about why seal coating is so important to begin with. Asphalt pavement is a material that’s made up of various ingredients, including stones, fine sand an asphalt binder. Over time, this asphalt binder wears out due to weatherization, traffic and exposure to other elements. As the binder deteriorates, asphalt becomes more susceptible to damage and general wear and tear, and it will wear out and become damaged more rapidly. Seal coating is designed to restore the asphalt binder to protect the surface of your pavement, extend its lifespan and reduce damage.

Seal coating offers a number of benefits for property owners that make it well worth the investment. Perhaps the most important benefit of seal coating is that it protects your asphalt from damage. This reduces the likelihood of cracks and potholes forming in your asphalt. Not only does this mean that your asphalt will look and perform better, but it will also reduce the amount you have to spend on repairs and maintenance over time. In addition, asphalt that is treated with regular seal coating will last longer, which lowers your long-term paving costs even more.

Seal coating setting times in Phoenix, AZ

Once you’ve had seal coating applied, it’s important to keep seal coating setting times in Phoenix, AZ in mind. The exact amount of time it takes for seal coating to set can vary depending on the temperature outside, the humidity level and whether there is direct sunlight, but it usually takes between 48 and 72 hours. To be safe, avoid parking or driving on your asphalt for at least three days after it’s been seal coated.

A lot of commercial property owners wait until the weekend to get seal coating service, since people are less likely to drive and park there on Saturday and Sunday. No matter when you get seal coating service, make sure to put up signs and block off the area to prevent people from driving or parking on your pavement.

Schedule professional seal coating

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