Different Types of Asphalt Repair

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Over time, everything wears down. The wind, sun, rain and snow can erode even the highest mountains. It’s no wonder, then, that asphalt can become worn, cracked and broken.

Let’s say that you’ve noticed potholes or long, deep cracks in your company’s parking lot. You realize you need to get the asphalt repaired, but you may be wondering, “What kind of asphalt repair do I need?” You needn’t wonder any more, and once you’ve decided which type of asphalt repair you need, you should call the paving pros in Phoenix, AZ to schedule service. Here are some of the options you’ll be offered.

Surface or skin patching

This is an asphalt repair method that’s normally used as a cost-effective short-term solution for a small area. It can be used on various high-traffic areas, such as parking lots and roads, for several different types of minor issues. The process involves applying a one- or two-inch layer of asphalt along a damaged area on top of a stable base layer. The new patch adheres to the asphalt under it and remedies the issue for the time being.

Asphalt removal and replacement or peel and pave

A more durable and permanent solution, asphalt removal and replacement consists of a much more involved process. It begins with the areas that are to be removed being marked off and edged with a saw cutter. That asphalt is then removed, using heavy machinery, all the way down to the stone subbase. The stone subbase is tested to ensure it can handle the specified traffic load, and the new asphalt is laid on top of it. This is a great long-lasting solution for severely damaged areas.

Asphalt resurfacing

This is akin to a happy medium between the previous two solutions. It’s more extensive than surface patching, but doesn’t have the additional step of removal that peel and pave does. If the bottom layer of stone is still intact and draining properly, but there’s significant surface damage, then resurfacing could be an option. The process consists of adding a new layer of asphalt over the top of the old, damaged asphalt. The benefits of this process are both functional and aesthetic, as it smooths over cracks and improves the surface’s look.

Cold milling

If there’s a large area of asphalt that needs to be cleared before it can be repaved, cold milling could be a viable choice. A milling machine is a massive, self-propelled apparatus that aims to remove damaged chunks of concrete and grind them up into miniature pieces of rock. This rock mixture is then transferred to trucks automatically, which can then take it away to recycling facilities. Once there, the bits of rock can then be recycled and used for other construction purposes. This efficient process not only preps the asphalt for treatment, but removes unwanted pieces of broken asphalt as well, which could help reduce disposal costs.

Schedule asphalt repair today

If you find that your business’s parking lot needs some work, you now know what kind of asphalt repair options are available to you, and you may even know what kind of asphalt repair you need. Whether you opt for surface patching, asphalt removal and replacement, cold milling or asphalt resurfacing in Phoenix, AZ you should give the asphalt pros at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. a call and let us handle all of your asphalt needs.

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