The Top Benefits of Sealcoating

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Thanks to its relatively low cost, long lifespan and fantastic appearance, asphalt is one of the top choices for homeowners installing a new driveway. Another perk of this material is that it requires very little maintenance. Besides sweeping off debris, sealcoating is an asphalt driveway’s only real maintenance need.

This post will cover a few reasons to sealcoat your asphalt in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Sun protection: The sun is one of your driveway’s natural enemies. As those harmful UV rays beat down on the surface, they fade the rich black color and eventually cause the pavement to become brittle. Sealcoating helps restore the broken-down asphalt aggregate and provides a protective barrier that will block out UV rays.
  • Moisture barrier: The other natural enemy of asphalt is moisture. As water works its way into cracks in the surface, it can wash away the underlying base rocks, which leads to substantial damage on the surface. A fresh layer of sealcoat will fill in those gaps and prevent water from getting below the surface.
  • Extends lifespan: Your asphalt driveway can last for up to 30 years—as long as you have it sealcoated! Because sealcoating protects against asphalt’s two main enemies, it ensures your driveway lasts for as long as possible. Since it promotes a long lifespan, sealcoating pays for itself over time.
  • Maintains appearance: Another one of the reasons why you should always sealcoat your asphalt in Phoenix, AZ is to restore your driveway’s appearance. As you know, asphalt starts to turn grayish-white over the years due to the sun and elements. Sealcoating breathes new life into your asphalt by restoring that dark black color.

How often should your asphalt be sealcoated?

We generally recommend having a driveway sealcoated every three to five years to get the most out of your asphalt. However, you may need to have it sealcoated more frequently if the surface has tons of cracks or is generally in poor shape.

If you’re wondering whether or not your driveway could use some help, contact an asphalt contractor. A professional will tell you for certain whether your driveway needs to be sealcoated or if it needs some other necessary repairs to extend its lifespan.

What about DIY sealcoating?

Your local hardware store likely sells all of the necessary gear to sealcoat your driveway on your own—but sealcoating isn’t a DIY job for an inexperienced homeowner. Trying to sealcoat by yourself leads to poor results, like not fully protecting your driveway from the elements. So save your time, effort and money and hire a professional to sealcoat your driveway instead.

Talk to Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. today

Thanks to consistent daytime temperatures, we’re coming up on the best time of year to sealcoat your driveway. If it’s been a few years since you’ve had sealcoating or other professional maintenance, call our pros at Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. Talk to us today about the reasons to sealcoat your asphalt in Phoenix, AZ or to get an estimate for our services.

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