How to Remove Asphalt Oil Stains

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If you leave oil stains untreated, you’re liable to cause the asphalt to deteriorate further. Asphalt is made of sand and aggregates that are bound together by asphalt pavement. Oil dissolves this and results in unraveling, which may cause the asphalt pavement to become soft.

That’s why it’s best to treat asphalt oil stains as quickly as possible. Leaving oil stains alone for an extended period means the oil will become saturated into the asphalt. Read on to find out about oil stain removal.

Cat litter

Before using any of the DIY methods described here, remember to thoroughly clean the area first. Remove any debris like leaves, dirt and grass cuttings. Then rinse the stained area with a garden hose.

Mop up as much of the oil as possible, then cover the area using cat litter. You can stomp or pat down the cat litter to ensure it gets into the pavement. Leave this alone overnight, and sweep it up the next day. Use a garden hose to rinse the surface down again.


After you’ve wiped away any excess oil, then pour a couple of cans of Coca-Cola on the stain. Leave this overnight, and then wash off the area the next day. Both of these techniques really only work with fresh oil stains. Those that have been left untreated for a while need more involved methods, as listed below.

Oil stain removal

Special oil stain removers are designed to get rid of any grease, oil, hydraulic fluid or other oil-based substances. Once you’ve scraped off the buildup and cleaned the surface, then put the oil stain remover on the affected area. Allow the remover to dry to a powder form over the course of several hours; then sweep it up.

Asphalt replacement

In some instances, the area may be too saturated with oil and in need of replacement. To do so requires heating the area first; this will soften it. The saturated layer of asphalt will then need to be removed and replaced with new asphalt. This process is best left to the paving pros.

Do you want to prevent oil stains from occurring in the first place? Then a great idea is to invest in sealcoating. This protects the asphalt from a range of potential hazards—from oil stains to UV radiation to oxidation and water penetration. Sealcoating keeps your asphalt looking great and in good condition for years.

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