Best Tools for Driveway and Sidewalk Demolition

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Whether you’re planning on laying some new pavement or you’re getting ready for a large construction project, it’s important to know how to break down concrete in a sidewalk or driveway. Unfortunately, clearing away an old driveway or sidewalk is a lot easier said than done. The good news is that it is possible to clear away old pavement effectively using the right tools and methods.

How to break down concrete in a sidewalk or driveway

If you’re wondering how to break down concrete in a sidewalk or driveway, it’s important to keep in mind how much of a difference planning can make. Taking the time to plan ahead allows you to avoid some common mistakes and challenges that come up during the driveway and sidewalk demolition process.

Here are some tips for planning a successful demolition project to get rid of old sidewalks and driveways:

  • Make sure you know where it’s safe to dig: One of the most important things to do before a demolition project is to make sure you know where it’s safe to dig. Find out what number to call to ask about the placement of utility lines so that you know where various lines are located underground on your property. This information will help you dig safely and avoid causing any damage to utility lines.
  • Get the right tools for the job: Another important part of planning a concrete demolition project is knowing what tools are needed to break down concrete in a sidewalk or driveway. To remove concrete, you’ll need a tool that’s powerful enough to break up the pavement so that it can be removed. For thick pavement, jackhammers are the best tool to use, but rotary hammers, digging bars and sledgehammers can also be used. In addition to these tools, you will also need a wheelbarrow or a hand truck to remove the concrete from the site and dispose of it.
  • Have a plan for concrete disposal: Depending on how much concrete you’re planning on removing, a demolition project can produce a significant amount of debris. With that in mind, it’s important to have a plan to safely remove and dispose of concrete. Local garbage disposal companies often prohibit disposal of demolition debris, so it’s best to rent a dumpster that’s designed for building material disposal.
  • Consider professional demolition: While there are some demolition projects that are simple enough for a DIY approach, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your project is successful. A professional demolition team can take care of concrete removal quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of planning the project, renting tools and coordinating disposal.

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