What Are Your Options for Decorative Concrete Finishes?

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Concrete finishes can be bland or beautiful. All it takes is a little extra touch to transform this material from a boring, flat surface to an inviting space bursting with character. If you’re finishing concrete, consider upgrading your project to decorative concrete.

Here are four ideas to enhance your setting.

Integral color concrete

You don’t have to settle for blah gray or plain beige. This type of decorative concrete features pigment that is added during the concrete mixing process. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can even mix and match different colors of concrete to create patterns or designs.

Another advantage to this finishing concrete is durability. If the surface gets chipped, the color remains since it is integrated throughout the decorative concrete.

Texturing decorative concrete

When you picture concrete, you probably think of a plain, hard surface—but this isn’t your only option for finishing concrete. Consider textured surfaces to give your setting a unique look. You can also mimic the appearance of wood, slate or other materials.

Textured finishes can also make your setting safer. The texture usually makes the surface more slip resistant, so this can be a great option for high-traffic areas or settings that get a lot of moisture.

Staining and stenciling

You may have seen this option used at hotels, museums or restaurants. It’s also a great option for homeowners. To create this type of decorative concrete, technicians mask off certain areas of the surface before staining, etching or sandblasting to create a specific design, picture or message.

This method allows you to truly personalize your concrete surface and make a lasting impression. Add a meaningful image, monogram or business logo to your patio, walkway or entrance.


Finishing concrete with stamping allows you to create a concrete surface that looks like another type of surface. It is usually used to mimic slate, cobblestone or brick. You can achieve the same look of these materials without the cost.

Stamping also produces a very durable surface. It will require less long-term maintenance and will resist damage. This can be a huge cost-saver in the long run.

Which decorative concrete is right for me?

If you’re trying to decide which decorative concrete will work best for your setting, consult with a concrete professional. This expert will review several factors with you to determine the best option. Factors may include cost, timeline for completion and your goals and use for the space.

If durability is your main concern, stamped options might be your best choice. If you’re refinishing an interior floor and would like to add character, integral colored concrete might be the way to go. Again, your local concrete expert can help you decide on the best selection for your setting.

Creative concrete solutions

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