Key Reasons to Use Concrete

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Choosing building materials can be a tricky process these days. Everyone wants to build something that will last forever—and do so for a low price. On top of this, there is an increased desire in the public to go green with any building project.

One material that many people might not consider at first that fits all of these criteria (and more) is concrete. It’s an amazingly versatile and efficient material that makes many construction projects a snap.

Read on for more about concrete benefits and how it can make your next project built to last:

  • Endlessly recyclable: One of the best things about concrete is that once it’s created, it can be recycled a limitless amount of times. If it ever needs to be ripped out for any reason (think of an old walkway, for example) it can then be crushed and used for a number of purposes. Shorelines can be protected when it’s used as water-breaking riprap, and it also makes a great subbase for roads and parking lots.
  • Emissions-free: One of the benefits of concrete is that it’s zero impact once it’s poured into place. It is completely inert and will not emit any gases or other compounds that could harm people, animals or plants.
  • Versatile: Most people hear concrete and probably only think of large, plain and relatively uninteresting structures like road barriers and blocks. While concrete does make up things like that, it can do so much more. When it’s still curing, it actually has a huge amount of plasticity and workability, which means that skilled concrete workers can turn it into just about anything with the right formwork and talent.
  • Regulates temperatures: One of the greenest benefits of concrete as a building material is that it’s remarkably efficient when it comes to regulating interior temperatures. It keeps buildings warmer in cold weather and cooler in warm temperatures, resulting in energy savings of up to 8 percent over the life of the building. In warm climates where air conditioning is needed for much of the year, that can add up to quite a bit of money.
  • Strength: When we’re explaining to customers why they should use concrete, strength is always part of our response. Concrete is well known for its durability, and it actually gets stronger over the years as it continues to cure. In addition, it will never burn, rot or rust, which you can’t say about building materials such as wood or metal. It’s also resistant to most extreme acts of nature like wildfires, wind, earthquakes and other vibrations. This characteristic will be especially useful as a changing Earth brings more extreme weather.

If you’re in the process of planning a new building project, then we believe that the benefits of concrete largely speak for itself. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which means that all of the advantages listed above are made all the better given the price tag.

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