How Asphalt Paving Has Evolved

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Asphalt services are popular to ensure you enjoy smooth, beautiful paving around your home or business. It is effective for roads, driveways, playgrounds, and so much more. Asphalt paving has evolved significantly over the years thanks to new technology as well as advanced asphalt mixes.

How Sites Are Prepared

In the past, sites would be prepared by first establishing the grade. A contractor would use a site glass or transit to establish the details. Now, laser guidance exists to make it easier to establish both grading and elevations. It ensures that there’s better accuracy for site drainage as well as for overall paving development.

Removing Old Concrete/Asphalt

Prepping the site involves removing all the old concrete or asphalt. Anything left behind can lead to problems with the aesthetic and the smoothness. Older technology used a road saw with a diamond blade to cut away the old surface. Now, new hydraulic technology is used so that trenches are created in the old surfaces. It improves the speed at which the old material is removed – and it saves time, providing you with a win-win on your asphalt services.

Additionally, when repairs need to be made to the subbase, a fabric or geo-grid is used to save time and money.

Grade & Slope Controls

Once the area is clear, it’s important that everything is graded properly. It will ensure that your sub-base is accurate so that the asphalt is installed in such a way that it improves drainage. Older methods required everything to be calculated manually. The graders and compactors didn’t have any kind of automation, which meant that grading and sloping weren’t always accurate – and issues with drainage would occur.

Now, asphalt services involve using a motor grader. Automatic slope and grade controls are in place to establish the entire process. It eliminates human error to ensure that your space gets graded and sloped at the precise percentages that are necessary. It allows you to get the drainage and water run-off control that prevents your asphalt surface from being compromised.

Asphalt Mixes

Prior to the technology available to test paving materials and compensate for the climate, asphalt of any mixture was used. It could lead to problems with moisture, setting, and more. Now, asphalt plants will recycle and manufacture asphalt mixes that focus on the moisture level, the aggregate, and more. Custom mixes make it easier to achieve the right combination for your property – and real-time data is used to test throughout the duration of the project.


Once you spend the money on asphalt paving, you want it to last a long time – and look great for that time, too. In the past, preventative maintenance didn’t exist. Now, it’s possible to establish a preventative maintenance schedule that involves crack filling, seal coating, and more. Some paving companies often miss this added component, so it’s critical to work with a company that understands these benefits.

Embracing all the modern aspects of asphalt paving can offer you durable and long-lasting results.

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