The Cruel Sun’s Effects on Asphalt

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Most parking lot owners prefer asphalt surfaces for their parking lots for various beneficial reasons. However, the asphalt-surfaced parking lots are severely prone to damage due to extreme weather conditions. 

For instance, the sun’s heat can significantly damage the asphalt surface if not well sealed during summer. Asphalt seal coating plays a vital role in ensuring the scorching sun’s rays do not penetrate the asphalt surface directly.  

Regular seal coating applications must be carried out to adequately maintain and protect the asphalt surface. Regular seal coating should include changing the asphalt seal-coated surface every year to ensure the surface is well protected. Below are some of the sealcoating benefits for your asphalt parking lot.

Improved Efficiency and Long-Lasting Services

Asphalt sealcoating protects the asphalt surface from forming cracks caused by the sun’s heat. Also, it protects the asphalt surface from any slight or sightly blemishes that might cause potential damage to cars packed in your parking lot.

Asphalt seal coating also protects the asphalt surface by maintaining the natural oils that bind it together, thus improving its efficiency services to car owners. If well maintained and protected, asphalt surfaces can last for more than 50 years.

Improved Aesthetic and Visual Impression

By seal coating your asphalt surface parking lot, you improve the visibility of the line strips of the surface throughout your parking lot, hence making your parking lot more inviting. As a result, drivers can park correctly without a struggle.

Additionally, a well-maintained parking lot with freshly painted lines improves the overall traffic flow as more drivers can get clear indicators while leaving and entering the parking lot.

It Prevents Severe Damage and Cracks

Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot prevents it from getting cracks that the scorching sun’s rays might have caused during the summer. These cracks tend to cause more damage during the rainy seasons. 

The cracks get filled with rainwater that spills and seeps down further into the surface, damaging the surface layers. The time spent and money used to repair the damage and cracks will be significantly reduced by seal coating the asphalt surface. 

Improved Maintenance and Cleanliness

Asphalt seal coating allows effective cleaning and maintenance of parking lots. Asphalt parking lots that are easily exposed to dirt, such as falling leaves, including other debris, are effectively and well-maintained if they are professionally seal-coated.

Regular cleaning of seal-coated parking lots extends the durability of the parking lot, thus maintaining its fresh aesthetic look and impression. According to paving professionals, seal coating your asphalt parking lot after a year or so can prevent further damage and extend the life of your asphalt surface.

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