What You Need To Know About Tire Marks on New Asphalt

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Are you asking “Why do I have tire marks after being freshly paved?” Did you know that scuffing can appear on pavement and asphalt that is newly seal coated? Even though the scuff marks will slowly dissipate with time, it is still beneficial for you to know just why those scuff marks appeared in the first place.

Tire Marks on New Asphalt

If you are wondering what causes tire marks with new pavement, there are several reasons for this.

Age of the Pavement

Many times, tire scuff marks appear on fresh pavement because the material is flexible and soft. As asphalt begins to age, it will resist the majority of scuffing. While this may seem appealing, in order for asphalt to be extremely durable, asphalt needs flexibility. Most of the tire scuff marks will disappear or fade within two to three months following a new seal coat.

Time of Year

Extreme high temperatures can cause tire scuff marks to appear almost immediately. This is one of the reasons why pavement is typically put down in the fall and winter months since scuffing is less likely to appear during this time, mainly due to the cooler temperatures which will not allow the pavement to heat up while the asphalt is new. Doing seal coating jobs in the spring will show a lot more scuffing since the pavement will only get hotter during the summer.

Vehicle Weight

Scuffing can also be caused by heavy vehicles that have large or heavy tires. Furthermore, the volume of traffic over the seal-coated area can also cause scuffing. More often than not, scuff marks are the result of stationary 180-degree turns, sharp turns, sudden braking, and trucking with power steering capability.

Type of Tires

Even though standard bias ply tires can cause scuff marks, tires that are steel belted can cause even more. Aggressive tire tread patterns on off-highway vehicles, SUVs, and trucks can also cause tire scuff marks.

Type of Asphalt

Typically, asphalt that is coarse is not as likely to get scuff marks. You can inquire about the type of material that has been chosen for your project with your seal coater.

Finally, the more time the new asphalt has to dry and set, the less likely tire scuff marks will appear. The key is really to just allow it to set before allowing heavy traffic to drive on it.

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