How to Maintain Your Concrete Driveway

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Are you asking, “Do I need to maintain my concrete driveway?” The answer to that question is yes. You can do this by following some simple maintenance tips. While concrete is an excellent choice for residential driveways, later on down the line you may wish to do a resurface job or replacement. Depending on various factors such as installation methods, environmental conditions, and temperatures, the average life of your concrete driveway will vary.

Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Before we discuss tips you can take to help maintain your concrete driveway, you should know that a concrete driveway can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years with proper care. The key to extending the life of your driveway is to pay close attention to wear and tear throughout each season.

Concrete driveways will only treat you well if you stay on top of indicators that a repair is needed. Your setup could last anywhere between 40 and 50 years only if you or a professional caters to surfaces that have sustained damage from the weather, flooding, or UV exposure.

Are you asking, “What do I do if my driveway is cracking?” These are probably stress cracks and are less than a quarter of an inch wide. They will only continue to expand. If you notice any of these cracks, you should schedule a repair or conduct one yourself if the lines do not connect together.

If you notice chipping edges, you should consider applying a concrete mixture to the outer layers to be used as a reinforcement. Driveways with thin concrete around the perimeter will break apart in chunks.

Additionally, your concrete driveway should not have any sinkholes or imperfections. Potholes can be easily filled to help extend the life of your concrete driveway by a few years.

Protecting & Replacing Concrete Driveways

Most of the damage that occurs to concrete driveways happens during the winter months when salted roads and freezing temps can really test the surface of your driveway. You can easily protect your concrete driveway by cleaning it in between seasons using water, soap, and a push broom. This can help to get rid of motor oil, dirt, and other contaminants that can get into the openings.

When it comes to replacing your concrete driveway, you should know that it should last you at least 20 years. However, if pits and cracks are interconnected, a full replacement is necessary. If you notice that the foundation of your driveway begins to lift or notice various potholes across the surface that lead to drainage issues, these are clear indicators that your driveway needs to be replaced.

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