The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Demolition and Removal

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Concrete is a terrific construction material that is durable, lasts a long time, and is easy to maintain. Concrete can take on virtually any shape and serve many functions. Yet, there are times when concrete structures have outlived their purpose and require demolition and removal.

How hard is it to remove concrete? Many people don’t learn the answer until they attempt to do it. Removing concrete often means breaking large pieces into smaller pieces and carrying them away using a wheelbarrow. Nothing about that is easy.

Removing Concrete Often Is Hard Labor

If you are lucky, your concrete removal is a relatively small project that is more akin to removing some large stones. Most concrete removal is a much larger task that involves a lot of heavy concrete.

Maybe you are taking out a small walkway or even just part of one. Or maybe you have an entire patio that needs to go so that you can replace it with something better. The project often might include removing concrete walkways and a patio or another large slab of concrete material.

The bigger the project and the farther the concrete has to go to leave your home, the harder the job becomes. It also can take a lot of time if you try to do it yourself.

First, you need to break up the concrete, which means using a jackhammer that you operate by hand. You also could rent a skid steer, like a Bobcat, and a jackhammer attachment, which would make the demolition go faster.

After you break up the concrete, you have to haul out the demolished pieces and take them to either a landfill or a concrete recycling facility – if any are available near your property. The entire process involves potentially very hard labor with much of it done by hand.

Should I Hire a Pro To Remove Concrete?

Fortunately, you have viable and generally affordable ways to remove old concrete and prepare for the installation of a new walkway, driveway, patio, or whatever your project might entail. The experienced professionals at Sunstar Seal Coating in Glendale, Arizona, have the tools, equipment, and personnel needed to do quick and affordable work on your concrete demolition and removal project.

When you hire an experienced team with the tools, equipment, and strong bodies to get the job done, your project moves forward swiftly. You do not have to spend money renting special equipment or tools. You also do not have to spend the time and money to haul the old concrete away for disposal.

Even better is that you do not run the risk of suffering an injury while demolishing and removing your old concrete. Instead, you can stay cool, comfortable, and clean inside your home while an experienced crew takes care of your concrete demolition and removal.

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