Things To Consider When Striping Pavement

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Pavement striping is a welcome addition to any business or parking lot. Not only does it create a more polished look, but it can also increase safety for your customers and employees. Over the years, people have been painting their parking stalls and driveways with little success. The problem is that it’s challenging to get clean, straight lines unless you’re a professional. This is where pavement striping comes in. Here are some unique aspects to consider when striping pavement.

1. Parking Lot Inspection

You need to have a basic understanding of the geometry of your parking lot to stripe it correctly. This includes having the dimensions of each stall, as well as the dimensions of the entire parking lot. You should also be aware of any objects that may be in the way, such as fire hydrants, light poles, or trees. Once you have this information, you can start mapping out where each stall will go. You must ensure that the stalls are the correct size and spaced correctly. If they’re not, it could create problems for people trying to park their vehicles.

2. Create a Template

After a basic understanding of the parking lot layout, you need to create a template. This will be used as a guide when you’re striping the pavement. You can create your template out of cardboard or paper. Once you have your template, you must cut out the individual stall markings. This is where a professional can be helpful. They will have the proper tools and equipment to create clean, straight lines.

3. Cleaning Up the Asphalt

Cleaning the asphalt is an essential step in the process. You need to remove any dirt, oil, or debris on the surface. This will help the paint adhere to the pavement better. Once you’ve cleaned the surface, you’re ready to start painting.

4. Choosing the Right Paint for Asphalt

Is there a specific paint for asphalt? The short answer is yes. You need to use paint that is specifically designed for asphalt surfaces. This paint will adhere to the surface better and provide a more durable finish. Choosing the right paint is essential for a successful job. The paint you’ll select will be based on your asphalt type.

5. Keeping the Asphalt Dry

Does asphalt need to be dry to paint? As you already know, asphalt is a porous material. This means that it can absorb water and moisture. If the surface is wet, the paint will not adhere properly. It’s essential to wait for a dry day to stripe your pavement. If you paint in direct sunlight, the heat will help the paint to dry quickly.


Painting your parking lot or driveway is not a simple task. You need to consider a few things before starting the job. This includes a basic understanding of the layout, creating a template, and choosing the right paint. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can achieve great results. Contact Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc. for all your pavement striping needs.

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