Reasons To Restripe a Parking Lot

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As a business owner, you want to keep your company location in good condition, including the parking lot. The best answer to the question of when to restripe a parking lot is when the lines have become faded and hard to see. Here are eight benefits of restriping a parking lot.

Eight Reasons To Restripe Your Business’s Parking Lot

  1. It Looks Better: Restriping your company’s parking lot makes it look better and increases its visual appeal. When potential customers are driving past, the appearance of bright, straight lines is far more appealing than a faded parking lot.
  2. Parking Is Organized: Without regular restriping, it can be complicated to know where the parking spaces are. This can make your parking disorganized as customers simply park next to each other. With clear lines, they know where to park their automobiles.
  3. Communicates Customer Satisfaction: Parking is part of customer service and the first point of contact between them and your business for many customers. A vibrant, well-maintained parking lot shows customers that you care about providing good service.
  4. ADA Compliance: The Americans with Disabilities Act has clear standards for accessibility as it relates to parking. You can clearly define the areas meant for handicapped parking and also the parts of the lot designed to accommodate vans.
  5. Fire Code Compliance: Your parking lot has to have a clearly defined fire lane for emergency parking if the fire department is required. When restriping your parking lot, you can clearly label this part of the lot with stripes and signage.
  6. Maximize Parking: By clearly striping your parking lot, you can make the best use of your lot space. Experts can help reconfigure your parking space layouts allowing you to have the best layout for parking efficiency and customer ease.
  7. Economical: Every business wants to present a quality image to customers. This is why many companies remodel their exteriors, add new signs, or have the exterior painted. Restriping your parking lot is a very economical way to improve your company’s image without spending much money.
  8. Reduces Liability: With easy-to-see and well labeling parking lines, you communicate where customers can park, where they can walk, where to stop driving, and in general, what areas you should be in. This keeps customers safe and reduces liability.

Final Thoughts

Your parking lot is an essential part of your business and one you should not overlook. Regular restriping can replace your old, unsightly, and faded lines with new bright ones that improve your business and the customer experience.

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