Top 10 Demo Tools Every Demolition Job Needs

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Have you asked where to get the tools I will need for residential demolition? Then that is a good start. For what to know about residential demolition projects, like most jobs, one of the most important considerations is the tools needed to do the job. 

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Here are the top 10 demo tools to consider before getting started:

1. Hammer

Often overlooked in lieu of its larger hammer counterparts, the hammer is an important tool for every demolition job. Not every aspect or type of demolition job requires absolute annihilation, and that is when a hammer becomes your trusted friend.

2. Pry Bar

Demolition often equates to heavy work. A pry bar is the tool of choice for leverage, and it can also save your knuckles and hands some considerable wear and tear.

3. Nail Puller

Nails are more than a residential demolition nuisance. They also present a dangerous and viable risk. That results in the need to remove these potential hazards. If you don’t have a nail puller, you will wish you did after removing the first 50 nails.

4. Sledgehammer

Arguably the most familiar of all demo tools, the sledgehammer is not for the faint of heart. It is also how we eliminate that wall, remove that stud, or obliterate nearly anything.

5. Demo Fork

When you need leverage and also want to save your back and a lot of additional grunting and groaning, a demo fork can help. Think pry bar on steroids.

6. Pliers

One of the most reliable and utilitarian tools we have in our arsenal, don’t forget a good set of pliers. Need to remove that bracket or fixture, only to find the screw head is warped, bent, or sheared off? No problem, you have pliers for that.

7. Demolition Hammer

The demolition hammer is a handy tool when you need a little more power but still need control. This power tool is akin to the handheld version of the jackhammer.

8. Oscillating Multi-Tool

You never know what you might need to cut, cut out, or cut around during a demolition job. The oscillating tool is not only easy to use, but the ability to easily change from one type of blade to the next makes it an ideal demo tool.

9. Tin Snips 

Sometimes we don’t need to cut anything when a simple ‘snip snip’ will do. For those situations, have your tin snips handy.

10. Reciprocating Saw

When you know the demolition project will require some heavy-duty cutting, the reciprocating saw is the answer. Cut out that wall or through those old steel pipes with the right blade.

What tools I will need for residential demolition, you ask? The answer is usually you never know for sure. What to know about residential demolition is always be prepared and always put safety first.

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