The Various Methods To Remove Concrete

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Concrete is a great option for many common purposes, from sidewalks and driveways to parking lots, and more. The concern, however, is repairing concrete when there is a problem, and in some cases, that calls for various concrete removal methods and tools.

If you are wondering about the different types of concrete removal methods, we can help. Here are the most common ways to remove concrete today.

Dismantling: Piece by Piece

This concrete removal method is good for smaller jobs and can save considerable expense. Dismantling generally involves using specialized saw tools, water jet cutters, and sometimes a good old pick axe.

The Ol’ Ball and Crane

With a steel ball weighing nearly seven tons, attached to a heavy-equipment crane, this method uses the crane to swing the massive ball until everything in its path is decimated. Only professional crane operators and demolition crews can do this technique.

"Under Pressure" Pressure Bursting

This mechanical pressure bursting technique splits the concrete using a hydraulic pressure machine. In chemical pressure bursting, the concrete is split with the use of an expansion solution inserted into the concrete. These are the most popular options when attempting to minimize dust and noise.

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Breakers: The Big Boys

These are the massive machines we see tearing down old malls or removing neighborhoods to make room for parking lots or manufacturing and business facilities. The top-performing pneumatic and hydraulic beakers can exert up to 800 strikes per minute, with astonishing poundage pressure.

Explosives: The Big Bang

When the job demands complete annihilation, then explosives are the best way to get the job done. Used for massive demolition projects, the use of explosives is only for demolition professionals and those trained in the use of explosive materials.

Sometimes, and often, we can repair that concrete issue. When we can’t, however, it is always best to remove the old and install the new. 

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