Signs Your Asphalt Need Repair

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Asphalt is a big investment in any property. Just like other aspects of your home or business, you want to protect the investments you have made. This applies to asphalt as well. In order to properly maintain your asphalt, you need to be aware of the warning signs that repairs are needed. Taking care of repairs in a timely way can help you avoid more costly repairs in the future or replacements.

This quick guide will provide you with information on how to tell if asphalt needs repair.

Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks are one of the first signs you should repair the driveway. Alligator cracks consist of shallow imperfections that will cover a large part of the pavement. These types of cracks resemble the skin of an alligator. You will need to contact an asphalt specialist in order to deal with this problem properly.  

Bucking or Warping

Another sign that you should repair your asphalt is if you see bucking or warping. If you can see wavy sections in the pavement, it means that bucking or warping has already started to take place. This usually happens because of an insufficient base or when heavy vehicles are used on the pavement.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can be a sign that your pavement needs repair. This problem can start to affect many different aspects of your property, so it is very important that you deal with this problem quickly. Drainage issues will only get worse, and they can get worse very quickly. This is why you should have repairs done as soon as possible.

Color Fading

This may not seem like a huge issue, but the color of the asphalt can change over time. This is caused by sun exposure. When the color starts to fade, you should be aware that the strength of the asphalt is fading as well. The pavement will be more susceptible to cracking.  

Spreading Cracks

Just because you see a crack here or there does not necessarily mean you must repair the asphalt immediately. However, if you see cracks spreading, there are other issues at play beneath the surface of the asphalt. This could turn into a big problem quickly.


Most pavement sits on a layer of crushed stone or some other type of compacted base. When this begins to erode, the pavement may start to sink. This can be damaging to nearby structures, and it will require the repair of the pavement.


If you allow stains to set too long on your pavement, they can become very difficult to remove. It is best to have stains removed quickly and professionally.


Undermining can happen if there are problems with pipes underneath the pavement. You will need to hire a professional to help with this problem.

Crumbling Edges

Because the edge of most pavement is not protected, it is vulnerable to crumbling. When this happens, it can leave debris and compromise the integrity of the pavement.  

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