Innovations In Parking Lot Striping

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Innovations In Parking Lot Striping

Properly striped parking lots make it easier for drivers to find their way around, and keep customers and employees safe while avoiding liability claims. Modern innovations in parking lot and road striping and markings provide a safe, efficient, attractive, and sustainable way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your commercial property.


Parking lot striping and markings are a critical safety feature that can help reduce accidents. They can also make your parking lot more appealing and ADA compliant. Having a parking lot that clearly separates lane areas helps drivers stay on the right side of the road and avoid traffic violations. It can also be used to denote crosswalks, loading zones, fire lanes and tow-away zones. Safety for pedestrians is also an important consideration in parking lots. Pedestrians can easily be trampled and injured by vehicles. Additionally, parking bollards are an effective way to separate pedestrian areas from motor vehicle areas in parking lots. Another important safety feature is the use of speed bumps and other traffic-calming devices to prevent motorists from speeding. When it comes to parking lot striping, the technology and techniques are constantly changing. Depending on your industry, you may need to restrip your parking lot periodically to keep up with changes in regulations.


Luckily, modern striping and markings are incredibly durable. The most common types of paint are water-based acrylic traffic paints, which provide a bright color and are resistant to chipping. Other durable options include chlorinated rubber paints, thermoplastic paints, and MMA or methyl methylacrylate. These paints contain plastic polymers that offer more durability than standard water-based paints and are typically a little more expensive. In addition to providing a safer parking lot, modern striping and markings make your business look more attractive to potential customers. A fresh, clean stripe can evoke a sense of quality and trust that helps your brand communicate to customers and build loyalty.


Re-striping parking lots can help improve visibility and traffic organization while enhancing the curb appeal of your property. In addition, it ensures compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Moreover, it maximizes the number of available spaces and prevents door dings. It also ensures the safety of your customers and employees. Re-striping parking lots is an important service that should be provided regularly by commercial establishments. This process boosts the aesthetic appeal of your property and increases customer satisfaction. Many innovations have been developed to create environmentally friendly and sustainable parking lots. These include reducing vehicle emissions and providing stormwater detention and infiltration, among others. These initiatives can improve air quality and reduce pollution.

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