Telltale Signs You Should Avoid a Certain Contractor

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The last thing you want is to find yourself working with a contractor that can’t be trusted. There are a few signs you should avoid using certain contractors, so read on for tips to help you make the right decision!

Read the Fine Print

There are several telltale signs you should steer clear of a prospective contractor. Some of the more notable include unresponsiveness, poor quality workmanship and a lack of a budget. But how do you know what to look for? The key is a little research and the good old fashioned sleuthing. For example, it’s worth examining the contract you signed to see if there are any hidden fees that have not been disclosed in writing or verbally. Also, you’ll want to consider the contractor’s business practices and their employees and subcontractors. The best way to do this is to read the contracts closely and ask questions. You could be surprised by the answers.

Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship can take many forms, such as using inferior materials or not following plans properly. It could also be a result of a construction pro being inexperienced or careless. If you hire a contractor to pave your driveway or parking lot, it’s important that they do the job properly. They should do it the way it’s outlined in their contract and follow all safety guidelines. If they don’t, it’s a sign you should avoid using them in the future.

One-Sided Communication

If a contractor is constantly talking in a one-sided manner or ignoring other people, this can be a sign of poor communication. They are likely wasting time and resources by avoiding other people’s ideas, needs and perspectives. They also use language that can be confusing or even offensive to others. For example, they might slur their own words or dismiss another person’s idea as “idiotic” or “irrelevant.” They also use passive-aggressive techniques to avoid answering questions or dealing with concerns. This is a major red flag because you should always be able to communicate your needs and concerns.

Lack of Reputation

A lack of reputation is a big red flag. When a company or individual has a negative reputation, it can be difficult for them to win over the hearts and minds of consumers. This can happen even when they have made genuine strides in improving their quality of service or product. For example, if a company has improved their products but their brand name still has negative connotations, it can be difficult for them to regain the trust of customers and business partners. If you’re unsure about whether or not a contractor has a positive reputation, ask them directly. This can be done by writing to them or talking to someone who works at the company. Be sure to explain why you’re asking them for advice, and be polite and honest. Remember, a quality, reputable contractor would never cut corners to save money; they care about the work they do and want you to be happy with it.

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